Saturday, September 29, 2012

Emma Watson answers fans' questions with Glamour UK

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Q: How do u think girls can find inspiration in Sam?
A: She's brave, kind, studies and she's not afraid to be herself

Q: do u ever see yourself as a wallflower?
A: Being an actress I find myself people-watching and I can be quite shy.

Q: What’s it like playing Sam compared to Hermione?
A: Very different, Hermione is conservative and Sam is spontaneous. 
Q: will we ever see the cool pixie cut again?
A: I hope so. I miss it! I hope I get to cut it again one day

Q: What was the hardest word to say in a US accent?
A: Vinyl 
Q: Out of the chars you've played, whose reflects yours?
A: I'm somewhere in between Sam and Hermione 
Q: what's the advice you'd give on self-esteem?
A: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. 
Q: Will you read The Casual Vacancy?
A: Yes. I'm very excited 
Q: what song is most played on your iPod?
A: Right now, Queen Of The Lot - The Spring Standards 
Q: what made you want to be a part of Perks?
A: I felt that the script was special and that it could change people's lives

Q: how do you stay so grounded?
A: My friends and family

Q: Thought of your own fashion line?
A: I did already. People tree. No [independent] though, I'm focusing on acting

Q: ny chance you would do theatre work in London?
A: I would love to do it! Once my university work is done

Q: Most memorable part of filming perks?
A: Filming strapped to the back of a truck in Pittsville 
Q: If you write a movie script, what would it be about?
A: I'd try and write a romantic comedy probably 
Q: what is 1 message you'd like to send out to young girls everywhere?
A: Be strong, love and believe in yourself

Q: Do you go for strong fem chars?
A: As an actress I take roles I find interesting. I play a bad girl next 
Q: What is an item you take with you wherever in the world you're travelling?
A: I take a bear and a bunny 
Q: Charlie made mix tapes for his friends, have you ever made one?
A: Yes, I have an ecclectic taste

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