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Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [June 15 - 21, 2015]

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  • Kate Hudson talks about Emma:

The 36-year-old star proudly describes herself as a girls' girl, which means there are a lot of women she admires. Among them is the superstar singer, who is loved around the world for her sultry songs and sassy dance moves. 
"Beyoncé will always be an inspiration. It seems like hardly a day goes by where I don't ask myself, 'Would Beyoncé do this?'" Kate told British magazine Glamour. 
That's just the tip of the iceberg as far as the actress is concerned, as there are many other female stars she has a lot of time for. All of them are passionate and fighting for what they believe in, which Kate sees as a great message for young people. 
"I love what Emma Watson is doing with the HeForShe campaign. I think it's incredible, her being so young, so powerful and inspiring. Acting-wise, I'm excited about Felicity Jones. She is so wonderful, a sparkly light and I am excited to see where her career goes. What Jessica Alba has done with The Honest Company is amazing. It's a great product because she's really passionate about it. Every time I get my Honest Company baskets I get excited, because I know Jess did it. You know that this is something that she really cares about," she said.

  • Olivia Cooke mentions Emma and Daniel Radcliffe to Azcentral:

The actress is playing in the movie 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl', which is based on Jesse Andrews' novel. After mentioning that she and her co-stars will appear on the cover of the books, he asked if they had ever read a book that way, thinking of the people on the cover. Olivia answered:
Yeah, when I read the "Harry Potters," that's all I could think of, was Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. I feel like I've cheapened it a little bit. (Laughs) There's something to be said about imagining these characters for the first time in your own head and not having anyone's image imposed on you.

  • Kristin Kreuk (from the 'Beauty and the Beast' TV show) talks about Emma:

She was asked by Star2 if she had tried out for the 'Beauty and the Beast' live-action movie being currently filmed and she answered:
I didn’t know about it and probably wouldn’t have auditioned for it. They were probably looking for an A- list movie star. I love Emma Watson. I think she’s a fantastic person from what I’ve seen externally. I think it’s a great choice. I’d love to see what they do with the show.

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