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Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [June 01 - 07, 2015]

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  • Emma on the The Independent's 2015 Happy List:

The Happy List celebrates those making life better for others.
Emma Watson 
The 25-year-old Harry Potter actress became a star of the humanitarian stage after launching HeForShe, a UN campaign to include all men in the fight for gender equality. Her first of many impassioned speeches extended a “formal invitation” to men to participate in the conversation. She has gone on to campaign for women’s rights. Hermione who?

  • Emma among the Best Smiles:

The poll of 2,000 people for Wrigley’s Extra asked people to pick their top three smiles, with Becks and Kate fending off competition from Hollywood stars. 
Emma ended 7th among the women with 12% of the votes.
  • Solace London hope to dress Emma:

Solace London is an affordable (compared to the big brands) red carpet label. They dressed Chrissy Teigen, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lopez among others.
Their favourite red carpet moment so far has to be Lily Collins at the London premiere for Love, Rosie - "she looked incredible in our Bougie Maxi dress" - but next on their dressing wish list are Emma Watson and Tilda Swinton.

  • 10 Problems With Harry Potter Movies That Nobody Wants To Admit

#2: Emma Watson Is Too Hot To Play Hermione
It’s true! 
In the later movies, Emma Watson is absolutely gorgeous, and yet the other students at Hogwarts treat her like she’s a pimple-faced dork of the highest order. There’s no way that a school packed to the brim with horny teenage boys would fail to recognise that a specimen of beauty was walking the halls of the castle, regardless of that bushy hair. 
Hermione isn’t supposed to be particularly attractive in the books, of course, so this is an issue that only really applies to the movie adaptations – it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that the majority of Hogwarts boys fail to notice that Hermione Granger has Emma Watson-level looks. You know, Emma Watson the Burberry Model and the girl who was just cast as “Beauty” in Disney’s upcoming remake of Beauty And The Beast. 
Surely every hot-blooded male student in Hogwarts would be in total awe and desperate to win her affections?

  • Youtuber Anna Brisbin, a.k.a BrizzyVoices, mentioned Emma in a mini interview with Movie Pilot

Who is your biggest inspiration in life? 
Emma Watson is one of my biggest inspirations/role models based on how she's used her success and position in the public eye to do so many amazing things. Audrey Hepburn's another great example of that. Voice over wise, it's gotta be Grey DeLisle Griffin and Tara Strong.
Comment from Movie Pilot: "I think Emma Watson should be everyone's role model honestly."

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