Friday, June 19, 2015

'The Circle' director talks about Emma Watson's involvement

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After Alicia Vikander quit 'The Circle', it was rumoured Emma was offered the role. James Ponsoldt, director of the movie, talks about it, neither denying nor confirming Emma's involvement, though it seems quite positive:

I am a massive, massive fan of Emma. She’s one of my favorite actors. I mean, when we were first talking casting, I didn’t think that it would work out timing-wise because she’s doing Beauty and the Beast, but it sort of re-shifted and when we realized their schedule, we realized that it would be a possibility. I mean, I would get scared anytime I was like, working on a tight schedule where someone’s doing a huge, huge movie like that. My wife and I are actually having a kid later in the fall so it’s a super tight window for a lot of professional reasons and personal reasons, but in this case it looks like it’s gonna work so I’m excited.

The shooting will last from September to October in California.

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