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Emma Watson interview in Cinerama Spain (October)

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The first interview is of Alejandro Amenabar, the second one is of Emma.

Translated by EmWatsonSp. Credit them if you use it.

  • From Alejandro Amenabar's interview:
"The truth is that someone like Emma can fit in practically anywhere because she’s a brilliant woman. And very talented. It was a little crazy, we said: let’s send her the script, having in mind a “no” and, oddly enough, because she hasn't done a thriller until now, and there was something in that character, with many layers, that motivated her, she accepted. She understood everything very easily and quickly connected with what we wanted to tell. But fundamentally her election was simply because it was Emma Watson."

  • Emma's interview:
After Nicole Kidman and Rachel Weisz, Emma Watson is the new "Amenábar girl". The actress, born by chance in Paris on April 15, 1990, but British from head to toe, is the key element of Regression. Even though everyone knows her as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter saga, the truth is that Emma has left that character behind her some time ago. Now she’s one of the most sought after young actresses and, has managed to make that complicated leap for so many, which is moving from child star to just a star.

In that way she’s like Natalie Portman and what Julia Roberts said about her could fit very well with Emma: “If my kids ever tell me that they want to pursue an acting career, the first thing I would do is to call Natalie Portman's parents.” The truth is that the transition of both Natalie and Emma, has been flawless (on the contrary, if your kids want to be an actors don’t call the parents of Lindsay Lohan, Edward Furlong or Haley Joel Osment). "It’s very important to believe in yourself and to try to get close with people who feel passionate about their work. The truth is that all comes down to make them know who you are and show them all of your facets, show them what you're capable of. I've been very lucky because once I finished the Harry Potter saga I did The Bling Ring (2013) with Sofia Coppola, and I immersed myself into a completely different role to what was expected from me." The actress tells us during the interview she gave us one morning of last August in Madrid.

Emma Watson plays a young woman caught in dramatic circumstances, some events that set up the action. "It’s true that at the beginning I asked myself how would I make real those events, because I’ve never experienced something like that. But Alejandro gave me a lot of information and books that he had used before we started shooting. It helped me a lot, because otherwise how would I express everything that Angela, my character, goes through, and her being younger than me?". Once you watch the movie, you can tell that Angela is the most complex character that she has faced in her short career (Regression is the sixth movie she has made outside of the multi billion franchise). "It has certainly been a challenge. But it’s true that I've faced several important challenges for my career lately. The biggest challenge with Angela was that I had to start with something based in a fantasy, unreal, and make it seem real, even though my character has some great dialogues."

For the actress, Amanábar is "a true artist, his movies are his voice because he does everything, he directs, writes, helps editing it… My impression was that I was collaborating with an artist to make his vision real. For me, in general terms, the movie is about how humans react when they are afraid, how they behave when they feel real panic." And one of the human beings that are scared in the movie is Ethan Hawke’s character, a cop obsessed with the case of the "young Angela". The actor is the true leading role and he was a pleasure to work with for the actress even if only because they share the same past as child actors. "He’s a very interesting man, he was always reading something. He often arrived to the set with different musical instruments, one day with a trumpet, the next day with a guitar…I had interesting conversations with him because we both had the same experiences as child actors. He has a wonderful family and he is a nice man."

Regression is the very first physiological thriller of the actress and it looks like she liked the genre because she has filmed two more (Colonia by Florian Gallenberger and with Daniel Brülh and The Circle, by James Ponsoldt and with Tom Hanks). And even though she’s a star now, the film that will make her a superstar is the live-action version that Bill Condon has filmed for Disney's Beauty and the Beast. A blockbuster that is part of the company plans to adapt the classics with real people (like Maleficent, Snow White or Alice). A step that certainly will increase her number of fans. "People treat me very well. It’s obvious that I try to keep my life private and they respect that, they know what part of my job is and what my private life is. At the end of the day they are the ones who buy the tickets to watch my movies and thanks to them I can keep working."

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