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New Emma Watson interview with Radio 1

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The interview took place with Nick Grimshaw via a phone while Emma was promoting Regression in Madrid.

Roughly transcripted by Emma Watson Updates. Credit if you use it.

About Regression:
It's really dark. It's kind of one those awesome films where you think you know what it's going to be and then it's completely different, which I think is pretty awesome. I think I never would have done anything like this without knowing I was doing it with a director who was incredibly tasteful, which is Alejandro. I think under any other circumstance I wouldn't really go there but he's just so good.

About Ethan Hawke:
He's such a joy to be around everyday. He would come in our make-up trailer playing a different instrument. Sometimes a trumpet, sometimes a guitar, sometimes he'd be singing. He'd always be reading something interesting. He was just really nice to be around. And he was also a child actor so it was nice, I got to talk to him a lot about what's that's like.

15 years since she started playing Hermione:
It's so weird! It was really kind of like one of those nice full circle moments because I did my last day on Beauty and the Beast, as Belle, and as I was driving home, I saw all of these stuff reminding me that it had been 15 years since the day I was cast as Hermione. Most than half of my life.

Nick wants to give Emma a leather bag for their three years anniversary since their last interview, but read Emma's a vegan (what? she's not):
If it's well sourced, maybe? As long as no one's in tons of awful, horrible pain. As long as no animals are seriously hurt in the process, then that's fine with me (she doesn't seem to know how those stuff are made).

About scripts:
Sometimes it's hard making decisions. Sometimes I'm really baffled about what to do about a certain project. Getting a film made or getting a film put together right, to me, feels like a lunar eclipse or something. It's kind of like this perfect miracle of all these happenings happening at the same moment so the right director, with the right cast, with enough money to get it made properly. All of these elements have to arrive at the same perfect moment. And sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't. It always feel a bit iffy I guess. [Picking a script] always feels like a gamble because even if sometimes you'll get all the perfect elements in place and it still won't be a good movie. And sometimes you think "Oh gosh, this might be a disaster" and it turns out really well. Regression is a good example. On paper, genuinely I was "What on Earth? What is this?" but then speaking to Alejandro and realizing who was making it and how it was going to be made, you can realize that it's going to be great, that it's going to be amazing.

Nick asked Emma the same questions Radio 1 listeners had asked her the last time to see if her answers would be the same:

The place you've never been to and wanted to go. You said Istanbul. Have you been there yet?
I did make it to Istanbul and it was amazing. It was everything I hoped it was going to be. I had the best 3 or 4 days. It was brilliant. So yeah, box ticked.

One food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Did I say baked beans? Because that's what I'd answer now.
You definitely said baked beans, yeah.
Yeah, baked beans. Although I do also like the Heinz tomato soup from the can a lot, with a piece of toast with a bit of marmalade on it.

About her silent retreat:
I got a call from my friend asking whether I was alright because apparently I had taken a vow of silence after my breakup and I wasn't speaking and I was like "No, I have no idea where that came from" but I'm a massive massive massive yoga fan and person, and I've been trying to, for a couple of years now, finish my yoga certification so that I can teach, which is very exciting. And so as part of that certification I went into a week of meditation teaching, which was amazing and a super super super great experience but I'm not mute now or anything.

Then they joke about the two of them doing yoga and filming it, and making a yoga DVD for Christmas.

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