Friday, May 27, 2016

Dale Dickey: "I was very impressed with where Emma Watson went with Angela"

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Dale Dickey played in ALejandro Amenabar's 'Regression' as Emma's character's grandmother. She talked a bit about Emma (and Ethan Hawke, and Alejandro) in an interview with the Examiner.

What’s your most favorite part about acting in this film?

Dickey: Definitely getting to work with Alejandro who I was such a fan of and he’s so brilliant, as well as the other actors Ethan and David Thewlis. We had the luxury of being able to rehearse for a few days and talk about the script and understand Alejandro’s ideas and what he wanted to explore. Working with a group of professionals who also didn’t stop questioning things and wanting to make it the best process that it could be. Emma is a lovely, sweet girl and she had a lot on her shoulders and I was very impressed with where she went with that character. Ethan is bubbly, high energy and constantly helping everybody feel comfortable in separate scenes. It was a really wonderful experience.

Besides yourself, which actor in this production is going to blow people away?

Dickey: I think Ethan. He is such a strong, terrific actor and very truthful. I do think David Thewlis could play my son John. I think David and Devin Bostick gave really tremendous performances in very difficult roles. Emma is usually seen in different lights, heartbreaking experiences, and she brought to the table huge amounts of emotion.

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