Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [May 16 - 22, 2016]

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  • People succeed to confuse Rose Byrne and Emma

When you get recognized in the street, is it usually for a particular project? X-Men or Damages or Bridesmaids?

BYRNE: Half the time it's because they think I'm someone else. [laughs] I've gotten everyone from Emmy Rossum to Emma Watson.

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  • Emma inspired Meyrick Murphy to become an actress
Meyrick Murphy is a stylish young actress who is set to appear on the upcoming Nickelodeon TV series "The Dudas" (formerly announced as “Homeroom”) playing the role of Dallas. Meyrick Murphy has experience working in top-rate television shows including the AMC drama TV series "The Walking Dead" (as Meghan Chambler) and she has played roles in the movies "A Belle for Christmas" (as Phoebe Barrows), "Chasing Ghosts" (as Kimberly) and the TV movie "The Novice" (as Susie 'Schmoo' Jones). 
Meagan Meehan (Examiner): What inspired you to become an actress? 
Meyrick Murphy (M.M.): I was drawn to acting after taking part in a school play called “Cindy Eller Plays Ball.” It was fun to be someone else. I was also really inspired watching Emma Watson play Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. I think that both Watson and the character of Hermione are excellent role models for young girls.

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