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New interview of Emma Watson with Sky Cine News

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For the Italian release on May 26, Sky Cinema aired this new interview of Emma filmed a few months ago. I do hope it means we can expect more promo.

Translation from Lavinia in the comments. Credit her if you use it:

Face to face with Emma Watson. The ex Hermione from Harry Potter is now in the cinemas with a new political thriller, which talks about the Chilean coup d'état in 1973.


Barbara Tarricone: "Dear friends, we are here to talk to with a talented actress, wise and with brave choices. We know her as Hermione, but now there is a new chapter of her life. We find her as a very strong character in the thriller << Colonia >>. She's Emma Watson and it is a pleasure to meet you. You did so many brave roles after Harry Potter, expecially this one."

Emma: "Yes, I was very attracted for the role of Lena. She's a very fighting and reckless character. I thought: << Wow! I would like to be her one day! >> She's has very dynamic and fighting soul. I really loved the fact she was collocated in the Chilean revolution, which I didn't know anything in particular."

( From the trailer: Daniel: "There was a military call! We have to go!" Lena: "Where to go?" Daniel: "I don't know, just out!" )

Barbara Tarricone: "Absolutely! Because your character was fictionally invented, but the story is true!"

Emma: "Yes, the story is true."

Barbara Tarricone: "Tell us about this terrifying place, Colonia Dignidad."

Emma: "Colonia Dignidad is chilean place founded by a german imigrated group in 1961 and it has also been a place where people has been tortured. Daniel, Lena's boyfriend, has been kidnapped and taken to Colonia Dignidad and Lena will do anything to save him."

( From the trailer: Lena: "Where is he now?" Friend: "He's in a place in the south, completely isolated from the world." Lena: "What is it called?" Friend: "Colonia Dignidad". )

Barbara Tarricone: "Yes, is a very involving thriller and I think we do need stories like this because also women can save men, if necessary!"

Emma: "Yes, absolutely!"

Barbara Tarricone: "I saw you did a lot of research to look at the details and dialogues are totally true!"

Emma: "Yes, the movie director Florian Gallenberger did a lot of research for almost five years and I've been to Chile with him to see the camp and talk to survivors! When you want to talk about a true story, you must pay attention to details very carefully."

( From the trailer: Friend: "It's a sort of cult headed by this man called Paul Schäfer." Lena: "What if I go there?"

Barbara Tarricone: "Now it seems you took a year off from acting."

Emma: "Well, yes! After filming "Colonia" and the live action "Beauty and the beast", I want to take either six months or one year to concentrate on the work I have now with the United Nations."

Barbara Tarricone: "It's very interesting to talk about your campaign, where men can know what to do with women. HeForShe, right?

Emma: "Yes, I think sexual equality is a benefit for everybody and I think is something that everybody can work on. Because it could be optimistic for every human being."

Barbara Tarricone: "Thank you for talking with us Emma and good luck with the book club you founded online! I follow you!"

Emma: "Good! Thank you!"

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