Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bill Condon: "Emma Watson was the first and only choice to play Belle"

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According to Bill [Condon, director of 'Beauty and the Beast'] Emma was, "the first and only choice, and I was so thrilled when she decided to do it; I first met with her, and that’s the thing, you meet her—I mean, there are so many reasons she’s right for it before you meet her, but when we talked she loved it so much, and that’s a huge thing, and she understood it in such a basic way … What you’re describing, for you, [my obsession with the film] I think she would say the same thing, it meant so much to her growing up. I was talking to her, when actors, when you’re in a position where you can choose roles that you can play, when you start to see over time that your body of work becomes your autobiography, it felt that there’s a great connection between what she stands for and what she does in the public sphere, and certainly what it means historically. Belle is the first kind of independent Disney heroine, and someone who wasn’t interested in getting the guy."

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