Monday, September 24, 2018

Emma Watson Gallery weekly update

[Traduction fran├žaise]

(x1) Mar ??, 2016: NYC
(x1) Mar 21, 2016: Adele concert, London
(x14) Apr 03, 2016: JFK airport, NYC
(x10) Apr 12, 2016: Leaving Face Place, LA
(x7) Apr 13, 2016: LA
(x33) Apr 23, 2016: NYC
(x66) Apr 25, 2016: NYC
(x11) Apr 27, 2016: NYC
(x17) Jun 03, 2016: London

News of last week:

Emma Watson: "I'm a massive geek when it comes to data"

Also, Emma has been spotted already in Boston. She's probably preparing for the filming of 'Little Women' starting in a few days.

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