Thursday, July 18, 2019

Emma Watson appointed Associate Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall

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LMH is delighted to announce the appointment of nine new Visiting Fellows for a three year term (2019-22), and the appointment of Emma Watson as an Associate Fellow.

The Visiting Fellows are people drawn from a variety of backgrounds, callings and professions who will form a bridge between LMH’s academic community and the worlds they inhabit and represent. We are most grateful to our previous Visiting Fellows (2016-19) who contributed so much insight, knowledge and understanding within their specialist fields and culturally enhanced the life of the College.

As an Associate Fellow, Emma Watson, will continue her valuable work with the College with particular emphasis on promoting gender equality and women’s rights. Emma was previously an LMH Visiting Fellow (2016-19).

So what does it mean exactly and how will it be different from her role as a Visiting Fellow? Well, I have no idea as I never understood what being a Visiting Fellow meant in the first place. She seems to be giving some sort of lectures every now and then but I could be wrong.

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Gacek870 said...

I have a question for people from Uk. Can you be Associate Fellow just with Bachelor degree? I ask cause in Poland where I live you have to start a doctoral study (and at some point finish them) to even have a chance to become academic teacher.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that LMH may operate somewhat differently to the norm.
One of their newly announced Visiting Fellows is the former English footballer Gary Lineker, who I believe has no academic qualifications. (scratching head emoji).

In my experience the vast majority of Visiting Fellows would have doctorates, with the exception of people who have had 'specialized or distinguished careers (eg retired judges/senior politicians).

In the UK Visiting Fellows are essentially guest lecturers/researchers with a specific interest/expertise and not full time or tenured 'teachers/academics' at that particular University.

gacek870 said...

I know that visiting fellows are guests, so they don't need any experience. but Emma is now Associate Fellow what I believe is the lowest degree of academic teacher. That's why I asked, because maybe I'm wrong. No matter what kind of job it's going to be I'm sure she's gonna put whole heart in it, but it could also mean that she put her movie career on hold even more, at least for few next years.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't have to put her career on hold since the 'Associate Fellow' term has several different meanings in English: from the initial level of academic teacher to someone who helds speeches at the university from time to time.
But it's also possible she uses this occasion and as an excuse to step back from acting, but everyone knows it barely exists now. She's casted on movies only 'cause her face is still known. But if she doesn't improve her acting skills (it's the key here!) and doesn't start playing in really good movies; not necessarily blockbusters (bit it heavily depends on #1: improving acting skills!), she ends up with a half-forgotten celebrity who was a star child years ago...