Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Emma Watson derping at the Elysée [February 19, 2019]

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It was taken when she was in Paris for the first council for equality for women and men.

Here are other photos of her at the council and arriving at the Elysée.

Thanks to Strawberryswing.

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Anonymous said...

Emma is among all those people ("the most admired celebrities worldwide") only because her instagram is observed by more than 50 millions people.
It's more about the visibility and exposure she creates here.
Everything she posts there is immediately noticed & noted by huge number of people.
Unfortunately it has nothing to do with her engagement in any of fields.
Sorry to write it but she's doing nothing. She is not very much engaged.

I think she's very aware that her acting skills are less than poor. She's not blind. She can spot the huge gap between her roles & acting and other actress her age.
I don't know if she's lazy (she's from a very wealthy family, maybe she got spoiled in her childhood; as far as I remember she admitted once that when she was a kid she was 'a drama queen') or maybe it's lack of talent. However I really believe the acting schools are not meaningless, otherwise they wouldn't exist. Talent is definitely not all which is needed, titanic work is crucial here as well.
Emma is very good in modelling: not classic beauty, interesting face, something indefinable which definitely makes her so interesting (for some people).

But the quicker she gives up the acting the better for her; since a slippery slope in her acting career has started some time ago. It won't be any better.
She's not an interesting choice for directors.
It's really hard for me to write all of it.
But I really thing she doesn't have enough talent & will to get better if it comes to acting and she lacks a clear idea & charisma to pursue her activities as a social activist.

Anonymous said...

What does she do in her daily life? She doesn't strike me as someone lazy, but with very few projects I don't get what fills her time...could she be working on something secretly??

Anonymous said...

50 million real users? I doubt it. Even so rather sad. At least follow someone who is an inspiration. She has just taken the easy route.

...Oh to be privileged.

Anonymous said...

@First anon Plenty of celebs have exposure. Wide-spread admiration is a different thing

Diane Fetterolf said...

Granting people a cloak of anonymity frees them to make the most hateful, malicious and unsubstantiated statements with no fear of recognition. It is very disheartening to see the number of these mean-spirited individuals who come to your blog, Eden.
@First anon (7/30/19), for instance, could have used a fact checker and a proofreader.
The writer said Emma:is doing nothing
is not very much engaged
is aware her acting skills are less than poor
is from a very wealthy family
is not an interesting choice for directors
must do "titanic" (?) work
Emma is very discriminating in the roles and directors she chooses and is sought out by important directors like Greta Gerwig who had some very complimentary things to say about Emma.Emma also has her U.N. work, Time's Up, charities, Book Club and author interviews for that club. That's also in answer to 2nd Anon who doesn't get what fills Emma's time.
To 3rd Anon, I'd say, no, Emma hasn't taken the easy route, and, yes, she is an inspiration to many of us.
Lastly, to the person who made jokes about the photos in which Emma was in obvious distress at the hospital: what kind of person does that?
Who of you would like a light shone on your own lives and could withstand the brutal attacks like the ones you make on your every action?