Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Emma Watson halloweening with JK Rowling and Evanna Lynch

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Almost a year ago, she was posting another photo wearing this costume. Makes me wonder if the person with her was another Harry Potter star.

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Anonymous said...

Not happy with the costume Jo;

Anonymous said...

Supposing the person with her on the other picture is also from the "HP" cast, I wonder if it could be Dan. Big blue eyes... and she seems taller than said person.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing people attack Emma for still befriending JK (who's pretty strongly speculated to be a TERF) despite coming out in support of trans rights, and it's making me really sad to see :(

Yes, I disapprove of the positions JK likely has, but Emma's known her since childhood and largely owes her career to her; it can't be expected that she's be leaving someone she's had such a close connection to for so long, considering she knows her so personally. We don't know what kind of conversations she may have had with her on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Jo taking time out from saving the FB franchise from death no doubt.

Just put Emma in the next one. Might as well.

Sam said...

Si,es Daniel.