Saturday, January 11, 2020

Rupert Grint: "Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are more like distant cousins"

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From the DailyMail:

I tell him there's been a rumour the original cast might reform for another Potter. 'I don't think it would happen, but I'd never say never. I've a new perspective on those years now. 
'We were in a protected bubble but didn't really see it. We didn't really feel that famous. I didn't hate it but it had its challenges. I did struggle, I think, because I'd naturally merged into the character of Ron. I felt a very strong affiliation with him.' 
More so than Daniel or Emma with their characters? 'I don't know,' he says. 'But I still feel protective over Ron. When I went to see the stage play in London and someone else was playing him I didn't feel right.

'But on another level it was great to see him reimagined.' Is he still in touch with Emma and Daniel, his closest companions for a decade?

'It's been a while since I've seen either of them. I see them as family, but more like distant cousins. But it's great to reunite when we do. It was an intense period. I still see Tom Felton though, who played Draco Malfoy.'

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Anonymous said...

Damn, rip

Anonymous said...

I really don't think this meant they're not in touch. They obviously talk. We know about the WhatsApp group which is obviously being used because how else was that Christmas meet up with some of the cast possible? (And we know that both Dan and Emma use it- Matthew Lewis has mentioned talking to both of them ) They just haven't met in person. it's true that Dan Rupert and Emma schedules hasn't matched for reunions in a few years. But I'm sure that eventually there will be a reunion, just not in time for the anniversary next year. But they all have mentioned one way or another that they would like to see each other again, and they're all proven to not be the type of people to lie to their fans. So I'm not worried.

Anonymous said...

New video with quotes on fame, mental health and Harry Potter from interviews spanning 2010-2019:

Anonymous said...

"New video with quotes on fame, mental health and Harry Potter from interviews spanning 2010-2019:"

Yeh sure she is done with HP since she/interviewer brings Hermione up in nearly every interview. If anyone is done it's Emma. Nothing on the slate for 2020 and beyond. Just tax free activism.....

Oh and to the comment above. More Harry Potter will happen. Post 2025 when we get the crappy Fantastic Beasts movies done. I'm hoping for a tv series this decade at some point to 100% make the books.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail is the trashiest most untrustworthy newspaper in the UK. I bet it’s not real

Anonymous said...

I like his honesty. I don't think there's anything negative in what Rupert said. They lived a special experience together, so they'll always have that in common. And they did get on while filming, but that doesn't make them the best of friends years later. I think the "family" element is spot on. Tom seems to be the one who kept in touch with the whole cast, that's lovely.