Sunday, February 25, 2024

List of updates

Emma Watson at the Prada fashion show in Milan, Italy [February 22, 2024] ⮞ Added 63 photos and 1 video (compilation of 90+ videos)

Emma Watson at Bar Luce in Milan, Italy [February 22, 2024] ⮞ Added 2 photos and 1 video (compilation of 2 videos)

Emma Watson at Torre restaurant in Milan, Italy [February 22, 2024] ⮞ Added 43 photos and 2 videos (1 compilation of 2 videos)

Emma Watson in Woman & Home - South Africa (March 2024) ⮞ Added 1 photo

Emma Watson leaving a Prada store in Milan, Italy [February 21, 2024] ⮞ Added 1 video

Emma Watson is in Milan for the fashion week! [February 21, 2024] ⮞ Added 1 video (better quality)

Emma Watson fails at leaving discreetly thanks to Tom Hanks [December 01, 2023] ⮞ Added 1 video


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.
For all the updates! It’s hard to keep up sometimes, and I as well as other fans appreciate your updates.

El Roberto said...

Wow, Eden 😱 😄

Anonymous said...

New Emma photos from today eden 😂 she doesn’t want you to rest

The Most Anonymous Anon said...

Emma overload, yay!

Anonymous said...

Get nothing for weeks then suddenly we’re hit with so much : )

Anonymous said... emma is in germany currently please hold this information for at least a week until she leaves