Friday, April 3, 2015

James Phelps: "Emma Watson has always been a driven girl"

[Version fran├žaise]

Oliver and James (who respectively played George and Fred Weasley in 'Harry Potter') are in Paris for the launch of Harry Potter: The Exhibition. During one of their interview in 'Le Grand Show', they were asked about Emma and her new role as a UN Women ambassador.

(This is a rough mix of transcription and translation by me)

James: It's really good of Emma to do that. It's so important. It's a shame that we even have to talk about it in 2015. She's definitely doing something great.

Interviewer: Was she already a bit feminist when she was younger?

James: I wouldn't say a feminist, more like a driven girl.

Interviewer: Even when she was very very young?

James: I think so. She was never shy at all. I remember the first time we met, she kind of just came to me and said "Hi, I'm playing Hermione". As a 9 year old girl, it's quite impressive too.

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