Sunday, April 12, 2015

David Heyman talks about Emma Watson and 'The Queen of the Tearling'

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Fantastic Beasts is just one of the plates David Heyman is currently spinning. From Derek Cianfrance's Michael Fassbender-starring drama The Light Between Oceans, to fairytale-riffing comic-book adap Fables to a potential Paddington sequel, he's certainly keeping himself busy. 

And then there's The Queen Of The Tearling: a fantasy novel adaptation billed as a sort or YA Game Of Thrones, which sees him reteaming with Potter alumnus Emma Watson both as star and first-time producer. 

"There's a lot of trust," Heyman explains of how their new partnership is working. "She's very communicative and she has thoughts about the script - I think we're on a third draft. She's strong-minded and has opinions but she's not arrogant, and she's eager to learn what she doesn't know. I'm very fond of her and I wouldn't have gone into it if I didn't think we could do something great."

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