Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Emma Watson spotted in London [May 19, 2015]

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Even in her most off-duty moments, Emma Watson can exude an air of classiness.

The former Harry Potter starlet - clad in roll leg trousers, a pair of sunnies and a slouchy jumper - pounded the pavements of London on Tuesday morning looking stylish, though seemingly without much attention to detail.

Emma made the trade between heels and flats when she tackled London's rain in scalloped ballerina shoes on Tuesday.

The brunette appeared to have stopped by a coffee shop, not knowing how to dress for the conditions as she embraced the sun in shades and carried with her a heavy-duty coat.

Her lithe shape was still visible, though covered by many layers, and she shot a glimpse at her natural beauty when she appeared to go barefaced beneath shades.

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