Friday, May 1, 2015

The Ridiculous Story of Emma Watson and the Weeping Fan

/!\ A few things first: this article is not meant to make fun of that man or stan over Emma. /!\

Since yesterday, you might have seen this beautiful edit made by someone from on social media.

[Version fran├žaise]

The very sad story (should I say fanfiction?) behind this is apparently the one of a fan desperately wanting the autograph of his favourite actress in the whole world but being brutally rebuffed (thank you Cher) by who should be called "The Evil Witch" from now on. Leaving the poor man crying.

My guess is, coming from, it was meant as a joke. Problem is, lots of people seem to have taken it seriously and are now being annoying, acting like drama Kings and Queens.

The real story behind those pictures (based on the pictures and video released) is that Emma arrived at LAX, and was followed by several paparazzi, and by people like this man on the pictures, called in France autographs hunters, through the whole airport.

See? Not fans. Autographs hunters. Those people might not give a damn about the celebrity they're going after, they only want the autograph so they can sell it. That's it.

Now concerning the last two pictures, well, didn't your nose ever itched, tickled? I mean, he seems pretty fine a couple of shots later.

Now, I'm not saying Emma is an angel who would never do such a thing. But if you really want a story about her refusing to sign autographs, I invite you to go back to December 2011 and read about her arrival at the Hong Kong airport.

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