Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Emma Watson at "How To: Academy" with Gloria Steinem [February 24, 2016]

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Youtube: Video1 (8'11), Video2 (8'51), Video3 (2'20)


"We can't control what happens but we can use it" @GloriaSteinem @EmWatson

"It's been the most liberating and terrifying experience to speak for myself" @EmWatson speaking to @GloriaSteinem

@EmWatson asks @GloriaSteinem how marriage might negatively impact upon a woman? Can it ever be equal?

"If we don't eliminate violence within families then it can't be eliminated outside" says @GloriaSteinem to @EmWatson

"The greatest risk to security is the social devaluation of female life" says @EmWatson on learning how many have died just for being female

Why is there shame around crying?! ask @EmWatson and @GloriaSteinem

"It takes four generations to heal one act of violence" @GloriaSteinem quotes a Native American proverb @EmWatson

"I want to ask you about porn," @EmWatson says in her sweetest, loveliest voice to @GloriaSteinem. @howtoacademy #5x15

What keeps you going when times are hard? asks @EmWatson "friends" says @GloriaSteinem

@EmWatson talks about her sadness meeting women and young girls worried about their looks

"Should the word feminism be changed?" @EmWatson asks. "It's not the word that matters, it's the meaning" says @GloriaSteinem

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