Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A Sevda backpack was designed and named after Emma Watson

[Version française]

From Sevda:
Actress, model, and activist Emma Watson inspired us to create our Emma Mini Backpack. To us, Emma embodies all aspects of a SEVDA superwoman; throughout her busy career she has made it a priority to further her education, and as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma speaks out for women’s rights and equality. 
Like us, Emma also believes in ethical fashion, and works with labels who support sustainable and fair trade fashion. 
For women with a hunger for knowledge and a passion for style, our mini backpack is perfect. The Emma is the ideal size to fit a book, along with all your other daily necessities. 
The Emma is made of hand-crafted smooth calf leather, lined with cotton, features adjustable shoulder straps, and strategically placed pockets for increased convenience. 
Our Emma will be available here soon. Please stay tuned!

If you have news to share (pictures, infos, scans...), please send an email to eden@emmawatson-updates.com
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Anonymous said...

Noticeable no endorsement/comment from Emma.
Seems very much like a company using a celebrity's name/fame to produce a product with actually no involvement/support from that celebrity.

Therefore coming soon; the all new Mother Teresa hand crafted ethical purse.

Lisa said...

“sustainable and fair trade fashion”. Sounds great, and then they use calf leather. Sad.

Anonymous said...

the rich looking after the rich

Anonymous said...

Dan mentionne Emma (et Rupert) à 6:20 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubNmT8FzHLo Rien de nouveau, mais c'est toujours sympa.