Sunday, February 17, 2019

Emma Watson photographed by Tom Felton

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Unknown said...

She's so beautiful to be o long to see more of her my Queen of hearts

Anonymous said...

I really think that she's at loose end but she keeps in mind that she needs to post something from time to time to keep her fans' attention at minimum level.
I don't wanna say that she needs to do something; she obviously doesn't have to since she is enormously rich. But at the same time she should stop saying that she tries to be a renaissance lady (as she previously said) who would like to do everything. She is either lazy or not talented, or: both to dedicate herself to one type of activity, not to mention: few various ones.
In my opinion she's a miserable actress, but she is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and I wish her the best. But it seems she's no more than a spoiled girl from a very wealthy English middle class. And the movies made her character even worse (all the stories how mean she was to stunts or even to other co-workers on the film sets).

Anonymous said...

I love Emma and find her pretty, but I noticed that in the last year she has been looking weird. I think it's partly because of her eyebrows, but especially because of her teeth. She clearly used porcelain, ad the new teeth are way bigger than they used to be, in my opinion TOO big for her. Besides not looking good on her when she smiles, they also modify a little the shape of her mouth. Her old teeth, even if not perfect, looked way better on her. I wish she could go back to them. Emma's face is little, so she needs little things on her, eyebrows and teeth, that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Who are you to criticize her appearance like that, Anon? Not very nice. There's more to a person then how she looks and in my opinion she's been more authentic and not as dolled up these past few years and I can gauruntee you that's a conscious choice.