Saturday, October 19, 2019

Emma Watson and Stephen Chbosky at Tina The Musical in London [October 17, 2019]

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Emma has been back in the UK for a few days now after a quick trip to NYC. She was seen leaving a building where two girls were going for an audition.

Emma and Stephen worked together on 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' where he directed her as Sam, and 'Beauty and the Beast' where Emma played Belle and Stephen wrote the screenplay. It was also reported almost exactly 6 years ago that he was adapting Adena Halpern's '29' novel and Emma was meant to star in it but it never happened. Emma is now 29 so could they be working on it again? Or maybe it was simply two friends catching up? I'll have the first option, please and thank you.

Thanks a lot to Srkpc for the heads up about the photo.

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Anonymous said...

I remember about 29 too but frankly it's a bit boring book which has similar vibes to the South Korean hit "Miss Granny". I highly doubt they will be making this movie after all these years. Emma & Stephen have been close friends and it's more likely they are just hanging out and talking about Stephen's new book "Imaginary Friend". Apparently, she felt underwhelmed by the book's ending when he first narrated the story to her while shooting Perks and he took her feedback seriously and rewrote it. He acknowledged her feedback in the book too.

I wish I'm wrong though and hopefully ,it is actually about a future movie project. :)

Anonymous said...

has she had her teeth done or some botox on her lips? i recall a similar fake smile when she posed with emma stone not saying she is faking it here.

Anonymous said...

she looks different with that smile lmao

Anonymous said...

Hello! This question has to do with some rumors, which I don't know if they are true. I have read that Meg's role was for Emma Stone, but that she reject it and in the end it was for Emma Watson, and I also read, a while ago, the rumor that the character of La La Land was for Emma Watson but that she rejected it (It is said that because she had already committed herself to Beuty and the Beast, other rumors say that she wanted to make redoing from London to be able to congnate it with Beuty and the Beast but the producer of La La Land said it had to be the LA because the story was set in LA)
Does anyone know anything about these rumors?
Eden, do you know anything?

Eden said...

Both are true. Both because of conflicting schedules.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Emma continues to be an ambassador for UN women? I say this, because although she continues her feminist work, she no longer seems linked to the UN, rather she goes free, I don't know if I explain myself

Anonymous said...

Officially she still seems to be connected to UN Women, since they continue to list her as one of their goodwill ambassadors on their site. But I don't think she's done any work with them in a couple of years, at least not publicly.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! Thanks you!!

Anonymous said...

"But I don't think she's done any work with them in a couple of years, at least not publicly."

Because its all a fad. A few likes and retweets here and there. I bet it may magically reappear when Little Woman comes out though.