Monday, October 7, 2019

Emma Watson to cover Vogue UK (December 2019)?

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Thanks to The Fashion Spot (via Pottershots), we have a preview of one of Vogue UK's next issue. The screencap comes from an Instagram story of Vogue's Executive Fashion News Editor, Olivia Singer, and you can see the black and white photo looks very much like Emma. And with 'Little Women' being released in the UK on December 27, it would make sense. It's also possible that it's for the January 2020 issue. Or that it's not Emma, but I doubt it.

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Diane Fetterolf said...

Eden, I know you work very hard on this site, and have the most current news and photos about Emma. But somehow many of the individuals who comment here are stuck in a pattern of negativity. Seriously, no matter how lovely the photos or news posted, they will find the most hateful, malevolent things to say - always anonymously. It's so easy to cast aspersions, especially if you're cloaked in anonymity. Emma does a lot of good to help others. How many of us can say the same, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the troll, maybe that way he will starve.

Simona Pa said...

I agree with Diane Fetterolf in every single word. Unfortunately in this site particularly there are so many trolls/haters that make reading Emma's news very unpleasant. Maybe we should stop reading the comments section completely... but it's sad and unfair, because it's like we let those trolls win. Anyway they really have poor lives if they enjoy spreading negativity about a person who is infinitely better than them.

Anonymous said...

Hope it’s her as the photo looks great