Thursday, October 17, 2019

Emma Watson briefly talks about her role in Greta Gerwig's 'Little Women' (Edited x1)

[Version française]

Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet are on the cover. You can find the whole article with their interview and Greta's on Entertainment Weekly's website.

Emma's part:

Jo’s journey as a writer anchors Gerwig’s direction; tempestuous Amy (Florence Pugh) gets more of a spotlight as she matures as a painter (and Laurie’s eventual wife); and Meg is realized with newfound nuance: “We felt it was important to show Meg juggling all her roles — a mother, a wife, a sister — whilst also celebrating her dreams, despite them being different to those of her sisters,” says Watson.

Also a little mention:

Chalamet credits Gerwig, too, for establishing a playful, comfortable atmosphere. He thinks back to his first day of rehearsal: He reunited with Ronan. He introduced himself to Emma Watson (who plays the eldest March sister, Meg). He was guided into a third-floor conference room of a “random building” where, “all of a sudden, there was a full dance class going on.”

Entertainment also had an interview with Florence Pugh who plays Amy March and they asked about her relationship with Emma, Saoirse and Eliza Scanlen. Her answer:

We weren’t faking any of those wrestles or arguments or cuddles. We were living [together]; when I got there, we had to hit the ground running and get to know each other very quickly. That, for me, was easy because we all understood one another and had the same sense of humor. We had dinner nights: Every week we’d try to do a dinner and have a bit of a slumber evening. At that time, it was getting cold and cozy, so we were all making mulled wines and cooking Bolognese. It was very idyllic.

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