Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Emma Watson in Ibiza, Spain [October 2022]

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Thank you, Mas!

I assume it was in June but I'm not sure. Nope. October.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Emma, can't go out without being stalked.

Anonymous said...

how is this kind of pic found so late?

just curious,

guess it shows sometimes emma candids and sightings go unheard of for ages haha

Anonymous said...

thanks x

Eden said...

"Poor Emma, can't go out without being stalked."

The family was chilling, Emma walked past them and they took a quick snap. That's not stalking.

Anonymous said...

stalking of the trio is too much even now people following dan while he walks with his new baby taking videos and sharing it smh

Anonymous said...

sometimes a pic gets posted to a very small account and Eden doesn't get sent it till about a year later, fans cant watch all social media all the time for Emma pics many get missed or just waiting to be found

Anonymous said...

Yo! Checkout fthtsi Instagram page. It seems their new issue is coming out this weekend featuring Alex and Emma. They have published a new photo and Alex has posted it on his story.

Anonymous said...

Was this last October Eden?

Anonymous said...

Eden found this in Insta


Check it out