Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Emma Watson and Jay Barrymore


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It's not a secret to anyone anymore, Emma and Jay Barrymore are together. According to sources, they would have met thanks to Bee Shaffer, a mutual friend and daughter Anna Wintour, big boss of Vogue magazine.

Their several public outings:

The last rumour about them: Jay would move in to Providence because he's scared Emma might ditch him for an American guy.

The truthJay quit his job in investment management in May and found another one 6 months later at Acumen Fund that looks for solutions against poverty in the world. This fund has offices in New York and even though the city and Providence are not extremely far from each other, there's still a state between them. And can Jay move country even though it hasn't been a month that he's part of the fund? I have doubts.

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