Sunday, November 8, 2009

The work of Emma Watson in a gallery show?

[Traduction fran├žaise]

"At work a girl left her camera and I was absently looking through her photos (because I am a horrible person) and ran across some of Emma. Seems like the two (and some others) were working on a paper dress (which was pretty, but unoriginal) for a gallery show. Emma seemed very happy. Dressed casually (leggings and the like), but cute as always. Wonderful skin.Part of me wanted to post them, but that is such a deep level of privacy invasion. I think we should attempt to stray from those type of postings.
As for the gallery show, my friend went to it and spoke to Emma about art. The show was small. As for Emma's art, the only comment I really got out of him was that it wasn't very good. But we do go to RISD, so our standards are very very skewed. I wish I could have seen her work for myself."

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