Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrities talk about Emma Watson

[Traduction fran├žaise]

"Emma has a big interest in fashion but she's also passionate about the environment and humanitarian causes" - Antony Waller (People Tree spokesman)

"I love people like Emma Watson, who are always so excited by life. Our friendship is an organic thing. [...] She has a classic beauty and modernity that felt a perfect fit for the brand, and she looks amazing in all of the clothes. But more than that, she's also charming and intelligent, and we had a lot of fun working together." - Christopher Bailey (Burberry's chief creative director)

"She's an extremely bright young lady, and she's aware of the difficulties in making the move professionally from childhood" - Alex Irwin (her agent)

"she's incredibly academic, it's frightening." - Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter co-star)

"So sweet, so true to herself" - Victoria Beckham (Queen of England)

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