Tuesday, August 11, 2015

'Beauty and the Beast', starring Emma Watson, at D23 Expo?

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For 3 days, from August 14 to 16, Disney are having their bi-annual D23 Expo, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, in California.

D23 EXPO presents three full days of “inside-the-magic” experiences you won’t find anywhere else, including exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming films from The Walt Disney Studios, dazzling celebrity appearances, unforgettable presentations given by Disney luminaries, a look at what’s coming from Disney Parks and Resorts and Walt Disney Imagineering, the Disney Legends ceremony, and the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibition, which spotlights crown jewels from Disney’s timeless legacy.

The lineup for the most important events at Hall D23 goes as:

Friday, 10 a.m.: Disney Legends Awards
Friday, 3 p.m.: Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Upcoming Films
Saturday, 10.30 a.m.: Worlds, Galaxies, and Universes: Live Action at Walt Disney Studios
Saturday, 3 p.m.: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Sunday, 11 a.m.: It’s Game Time: Disney Interactive Takes the Stage

I think the ones that could concern 'Beauty and the Beast' are the ones from Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

First footage of Emma in "Beauty and the Beast" was shown. See the description HERE.

Angelina Jolie went to the expo in 2013 to present Maleficient which was to be released a year later. 'Beauty and the Beast' being released before the next expo in 2017, could we hope for Emma to be there?

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