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'Beauty and the Beast', starring Emma Watson, at D23 Expo - Day 2 [August 15, 2015]

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(If you haven't read Day 1, it's HERE.)

Today was the second day of Disney's D23 Expo. During the "Worlds, galaxies, and universes: live action at Walt Disney Studios" panel, we got more informations on the film.

First they showed a footage, but it was the same as Day 1's.

Then, they started talking about the film. Here are all the informations that were shared:

“Our goal with this film was to bring the story to life in a way so that all of you who know and love it will be rewarded,” Sean Bailey says about Beauty and the Beast. He assures us it will be a musical, and says Emma Watson is “stunning.” The crowd is exploding. 
“Bringing Belle to life, for me, has been a complete dream come true,” Watson says on a prerecorded message, since she’s busy shooting in London [She was wearing Belle's blue dress]. She introduces a video of Luke Evans and Josh Gad, who play Gaston and his doofy sidekick Lefou, respectively. “We decided we would sing a couple of bars, if you’re okay with it,” Gad says, before launching into a verse from “Gaston.” My, what a guy! 
Bailey says the musical numbers in the film are “lavish and joyous,” and says the film will include two new songs from Alan Menken and Tim Rice.

From Twitter we also learn that the film will be "true to the original", that it will end filming late August/early September, and Alan Horn talked about the day he met Emma at the Harry Potter auditions.

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