Friday, August 21, 2015

Wrap of 'Beauty and the Beast', starring Emma Watson + first look at the Beast?

[Version fran├žaise]

The filming of the movie is coming to an end. There was a first wrap a week ago for some of the actors:

Then a wrap party last night (August 20) with cheesecake and candy floss:

A literal cheesecake to celebrate main unit wrapping! Only 6 more days until the end!!

Emma confirmed she did finish the filming:

And the final one will be next week.

Also while stalking the instagrams of the people who work/worked on the set, I discovered this little one:

It could have absolutely nothing to do with the film as people might work on several things at the same time, but the rose makes me think it might be 'Beauty and the Beast' related, with the double personality of the Prince/Beast. Unless it's Belle, but the profile looks male to me. It also could just be an art that doesn't represent what the Beast will really look like.

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