Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Emma Watson and a fan in London in 2007

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Here's the photo to celebrate the 2200 followers on the blog's instagram. I meant to post it days ago but kept forgetting about it.

Next photo will be posted when reaching 2400 followers ;)

Credit to Camille.

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Juli said...

Thanks Eden! This picture is just so funny :D

Anonymous said...

I would to say my opinion about Emma in this blog where there respeat.
I think she can memorize things for tests or for acting, but it lacks depth. - I agree. She can memorize her lines or data gathered with regards to feminism speeches but she hardly understands what she's talking about. She can be empty when she performs as an actress

Gacek870 said...

Anonymous Actually I thing she is the one who understand a concept of feminism, that it is not about men haiting but about equality. In my opinion, the problem is that her feminism looks kinda petty. I remember her speech that she complaing about being called bossy, or that her female friends had to give up gym class, because they were woried that the gonna look masculine. Girls from Middle East or Africa would love to have this kind of problems.

Anonymous said...

I don't really agree with that. She has pretty strongly spoken out against injustices in the Middle East and Africa (child marriages, FGM, etc.), and has also been pretty open about facing accusations of being a "white feminist" and how she learned from that. At the very least, I feel she's very inquisitive about it.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture

Watson has more depth in her acting with her nonverbal acting and her emotion from her eyes than 9/10 actresses her age. She's one of the few talented actresses who has proven to be able to play polar opposite roles. She also is in the rare position of having been a worldwide star and having more money than she will ever need over a decade ago. She will continue to do projects that interest her :)

Anonymous said...

Speak about it and fight against it is 2 diifernet things. She always gonna be lebeled as a "white feminist". That is a problem with famous activiste, do they really understand ordinary people problems and are this people can identify themself with celebrieties.

Layla said...

I love that Emma has always had her own style..she looks younger in this pic though. She's always looked age appropriate and not like she's in her 20s at only 13 (sorry I find Milly Bobby brown to be a complete embarrassment). As for her feminism she is still learning which can only be good 🤗 xx