Monday, March 4, 2019

Emma Watson in Paris with her boyfriend [February 17, 2019]

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Emma was at Shakespeare & Co.

I don't actually know if the man on the second photo with her is her boyfriend but she was seen that day or the day before in Paris kissing a man.

The media and random people on the internet tried to start a rumour about Tom Felton and Emma dating because Emma posted a photo on that day (February 17) taken by Tom and nothing screams "we're f*cking" like calling someone a friend, am I right? But he wasn't there.

The fact that Emma picked that day to post the photo taken by Tom actually made me think that maybe she started posting more personal photos as a way to make it harder for people to see those sneaky ones among all the "OMG LOOK AT WHAT EMMA WATSON POSTED!!!!!" so people won't find out where she is when she notices people taking those photos. Just a thought.

Also, if the man on the second photo is her boyfriend, it doesn't look like Brendan either to me. But it could just be a friend or her brother or who knows who else. I mean, there's no way to tell so you could even pretend it's you. 😆

Not much to say about the rest of her trip there. She was spotted having lunch at the Ritz so she might have stayed there. Or only went there for the food. She then went to the meeting at l'Elysée and left to London the day after. She hasn't been spotted since.

Credit to Maricarmen for the photos.

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Sam said...

El de la foto parece su hermano Alex

Anonymous said...

"..who is not Tom Felton" LOL, thanks XD ( Also Tom is in Thailand with friends right now).
Anyway, I think we should stop assuming that every man she kisses is her boyfriend, she could also have fast and non-serious relationships.

Emanuel said...

Thanks Eden!! It's good to have you back here. ;)

GoldenGemster said...

She has brothers so I don't know, I tend to go along with the poster who said it might be Alex. It's difficult to tell from the back but somehow the body language doesn't look right.

Dj Anubis said...

I was going to say the hair doesnt match the Wallace guy.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Eden. Good to see you back and great article! Made me laugh lol

Anonymous said...

Emma would be a perfect superhero!