Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Emma Watson to play in Marvel's 'Black Widow'?

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From ComicBookMovie:

It looks like we may have an idea of some of the actresses currently on Marvel's radar to play the second female lead in the solo Black Widow movie opposite Scarlett Johnasson.

Although they stress that nobody has actually been offered the part yet and others could well be in the running, That Hashtag Show reports that Emma Watson (Harry Potter, Beauty and The Beast), Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures, Ratched), Dar Zuzovsky (Hostages, Neighborhood) and Florence Pugh (Fighting With my Family) all recently auditioned and are said to have "made a strong impression" on the studio.

Out of these four, it sounds like Watson might well be the front-runner - although it's important to take all of this with that ever-ready pinch of salt until we hear more.

The name of the character in question remains a mystery, but previous breakdowns indicate that she's a "kick ass female Bond" type, so the role will almost certainly be a physically demanding one.

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andrew said...

no please no. Emma is already attacked enough for her political views(god knows what she has ever said to make her hated). I already predict this film will get the hate Captain Marvel and Brie are now getting. Hope I am wrong

Anonymous said...

My god, that would be amazing. But I'll assume it's not happening until we get an official confirmation, don't want to be too disappointend if it falls through.

Anonymous said...

If Emma is in it she would not play the actual character so her role would probably be pretty small.

Anonymous said...

Must admit I've never thought that Emma would be (notionally) linked to a "kick ass female Bond" type role.

TBH I'm not sure she'd be capable of pulling off such a role.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

I hope she ends up with the role, and I look forward to seeing her in it. I'd love to see Emma join the MCU... 'though I'll cry and weep in a most unmanly fashion if she's the "sacrificial lamb" character, killed off so her death will motivate the Black Widow to avenge her!

fabolousprincess said...

I wish it that way, for her. would be something else.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God yesss I hope it so much. I'm not a Marvel fan but I've always dreamed of seeing Emma in a bad girl role. In my opinion she was very good in The Bling Ring ( the movie not so much instead..), even if Niky was just a "light" bad character .

Emanuel said...

This would be awesome! Although I can't imagine Emma doing a role that requires a lot of physical deployment, it would be a great challenge for her to pull this out in a convincingly way. I'd be very happy for her if she finally gets it.

Chasmosis said...

Well it would be different for her and her fans but I'm sure she can do it if chosen and myself and the rest of her fanbase would love it.