Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Emma Watson's 'Little Women': leak + early screening

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There was an early screening of the movie yesterday. Unfortunately, because the people who went have to sign a contract forbidding them to talk about it, they really were only able to say whether they liked it or not. So far, the few on social media did. No word on Emma in particular or any other actor for now.

Concerning the leak, someone on Twitter said the they found the leaked script. It was only one person though so I don't know how reliable it is.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a release date yet?

andrew said...

Man they are really dragging her down in the dust at awardswatch forums. Appparently someone said she is the worst of the cast and they had to rewrite the script because she was incredibly bad.
I have not heard anything like this from screening reactions bit everyone there acted like that guy was speaking the truth even if he hasn't actually seen the film

Anonymous said...

I heard she wasn't very good in it, but dunno if that person was just trolling or if it's true...

Anonymous said...

I logged on the awardswatch page and looked into the TLW thread asking if some of them have watched the test screening. Someone replied to me: yes and mentioned it reminds him/her the "The Circle" case where the film needed to be re-edited (or even re-shot) due to Emma's poor acting skills.
I kept asking how they now "The Circle" was so thoroughly changed because of Emma.
They directed me to the article from "Variety" (very reliable source): https://variety.com/2017/film/festivals/valerian-europacorp-luc-besson-1202428165/
where clearly states:
"Besson and EuropaCorp executives had hoped that the combined star power of Tom Hanks and Emma Watson would turn their spring release “The Circle” into a hit. But instead of snapping the losing streak, the thriller became the latest casualty, grossing an anemic $17 million. Production on the film was tortured. Director James Ponsoldt and the studio had “mutual cut”, meaning both had to sign off on the final product before its release. EuropaCorp executives and Ponsoldt spent six months differing on what needed to be reshot, ultimately deciding to film new material in January that would humanize Watson’s character. They were particularly concerned that her reaction to the death of a central character came off as too wooden. However, scores for the film failed to improve. When “The Circle” debuted in April, reviews were brutal, and audiences handed it a D+ CinemaScore".