Friday, May 10, 2019

Emma Watson at the W7 Summit in Paris [May 10, 2019]

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I have more photos and videos to post from yesterday.

Emma made a speech to present the requests from the Council. She was apparently a bit emotional.

"@EmmaWatson calls on #G7 members to make gender based violence a priority and urges member states to pass legislation in final report."

"@EmmaWatson urges all @G7 leaders to ratify & implement all international conventions to end violence against women & girls, including the #IstambulConvention!"

"The #G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council calls on @G7 leaders to be "as brave as the women and girls who suffer from #genderbasedviolence on a day to day basis"."

"@EmmaWatson delivers now strong message ag #femicides #vaw at #G7Equality Ministerial mtg in #Paris when she underlines that 137 women die every day by the hand of loved ones, partners, husbands or family - she ended with strong plea 4all to ratify #CoE #IstanbulConvention"

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Anonymous said...

Why her publicist (Luke?) accompanies her all the time?
It's for me only a proof that she is not self-reliant.
I understand he's with her at the film premieres. It's all about PR.
The guy is from the entertainment background, he doesn't have any knowledge about the feminism movement. He is the guy responsible for the PR activities.
Either she needs him for writing her speeches or he's with her for the publicity (to report her activities in mass media).
Whatever his company would mean it only makes me thinking that she's isn't self-dependent in her actions or/and she still pays a lot of attention to her public image which makes me somehow sad, because it would mean that something else is more important for her than the fight for better tomorrow for women/girls who were not fortunate enough to be that wealthy as she...

Anonymous said...

you are 100% right but the thing is it's not just her. every celeb does it. it is to stay relevant. that's what they do.

Anonymous said...

Any sighting of her secret boyfriend in Paris this time?

Anonymous said...

OK I get this is a trivial observation, but which fashion guru decided naked elbows were a thing?

I've noticed recently a number of fashionistas with the same 'torn' arm coverings.

Why? (perplexed emoji)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it says all that much that she has someone else there. Pretty much everyone brings some sort of staff.

Giancarlo said...

Is there any video of her speech?

Anonymous said...

Having met Luke with his clients (Emma included) during multiple occasions,I think Luke is more than a publicist to Emma. He would often covers the workload of a personal assistant to his top clients such as Emma and Thomas Hiddleston, especially when they travel abroad.

Anonymous said...

As I commented above, pretty much ANY public figure you see has this type of staff (like Luke here) and it's unrealistic to think they wouldn't have someone who does this. Doesn't change anything imo

Gacek870 said...

It's the only one I found

Gacek870 said...

Sorry If I'm not aware but this PR guy, are we talking about Luke Windsor?
Plus I don't think is a big problem (or any kind of problem) It is quite normal that famous and/or rich people have someone who takes care of their public image, or assistant who does their jobs.

Gacek870 said...

I remebered Tom Hiddleston called Luke Windsor his 'nanny', so maybe he is doing everything for his clients.

Anonymous said...

Luke is definitely there for PR which is what Emma wants with her activism just as much as her acting career. Its pretty normal and expected that she wants to publicize these events.