Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Emma Watson celebrates Demi Stokes joining the Lionesses

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Thanks to Anon in the comments, we now know the video was taken in Hallerbos in Belgium. Emma's Instagram stories also has the video with the date "8.5.18". Don't know if that means August or May of last year though.

Actually, people on Twitter also told me it could be Ashridge Estate or Sherwood Forest in the UK.

Any other place to add to the list?

Annnnd now another Anon says today is May 8 so 8.5.18 was probably just a typo so we don't know when that was either. Just ignore my edits from now on XD

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Anonymous said...

Is this Hallerbos in Belgium?

Anonymous said...

In case anyone is wondering what this is about.

A bunch of celebrities/sports people individually announced an inclusion in the 23 member English (Lionesses) squad for the forthcoming women's soccer World Cup.

Eden said...

"Is this Hallerbos in Belgium?"

Jeez, detective, you're good. I had to Google but it looks like it.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that 8.5.18 is just a typo, since today is 8.5.19.

Eden said...

So we don't know for sure where it was or when. My edit was absolutely pointless XD

Hmm... said...

Although this might just be a short moment, it's fine to see her beeing happy.
'A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear'.

Hmm... said...

@Eden: please correct my english spelling mistake ����

Eden said...

@Hmm: I can't. The whole world is now a witness if your failure XD