Thursday, November 28, 2019

Emma Watson in new 'Little Women' video for Thanksgiving

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Anonymous said...

Reviews for the movie have been overwhelmingly positive, focusing particularly on Greta's vision & execution.

Of the actors, possibly surprisingly (given its predominantly female cast), it seems to be Timothee who has been most singled out for praise.
The female actors seem generally to be considered as an ensemble, rather than individuals.

As for Emma about the only commentary I have seen is a couple of quibbles on the consistency of her American accent.

Anonymous said...

I'm more excited for Eliza's performance as Beth. She held her own if not better Amy Adams in Sharp Objects. I know Saoirse, Timothy, Laura, Florence, Meryl are already going to be good. I liked what I've seen of Emma's Meg so far and her pairing with James looks good. I can't wait for the movie.

Anonymous said...

The reviews I've seen are largely quite positive on her and the cast in general; sounds like she made the character really likeable.

Anonymous said...

Hi eden! Do you know if finally Emma will go to the promotion to Little Women in Paris and NY?