Monday, November 25, 2019

Rupert Grint: "Emma Watson and Hermione Granger are as smart as each other"

[Version française]

From Bustle:

The main cast started filming the series when they were all around 11-years-old, so obviously, they couldn't switch between going to set and going to a regular school. Like other child actors, they were provided with tutors on-set that would teach them the curriculum suited to their age. But after Horowitz brought up the age difference between Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint, the actor talked about how he was tutored alongside Watson despite being two years older than her.

"I don't know what this says about where I was on the curriculum, but I was schooled with Emma," he said. "She's pretty smart. She's just not supposed to be that smart [at that age]." Wow. This is basically proof that Emma was born to play Hermoine — they're as smart as each other.

I'm actually getting irritated that the only times the media bother to acknowledge the existence of the former Harry Potter cast is if they talk about Daniel Radcliffe or Emma. That article mentions once the name of Rupert's new series, says nothing about it and then it's all about Emma. Cute story though.

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Anonymous said...

Emma siempre ha tenido una mente brillante

Anonymous said...

This is cute but I agree that media is always paying dust to Rupert. Ask him about the project he’s promoting!

Anonymous said...

I get the impression of the three Emma is the most 'lost', still deciding her life direction.
Daniel is the one most keen on acting and Rupert is a laidback/go with the flow type guy.

Of course who knows whether my perception matches reality.

Anonymous said...

It's probably true especially since they've all have actually said to feel that way

Anonymous said...

Rupert has also talked about feeling pretty lost in his life in the past. I guess is inevitable with all that fame at such a young age. I remember he talked about feeling like he peaked in life as a kid and that weighted on him to try do new things as an adult or passionate about stuff. I’m very happy he’s apparently better now.