Friday, November 12, 2021

New photos of Emma Watson by Carter Smith (2014)

[Gallery] [Fashion] [Version fran├žaise]

I'm only a month late, it's fine. Thanks to Emma Watson Daily.

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Anonymous said...

Some of these were in colour, weren't they?

Anonymous said...

cute x

btw narina posted a lot recently i think emma is traveling again usually updates when she is on a trip maybe new holiday pics soon!

Anonymous said...

Entertainment Tonight's website says Emma was at Paris Hilton's wedding but I think it's a typo, the video accompanying it says Emma Roberts was there.

Anonymous said...

websites often mean to write 'stone' or 'roberts' instead

Anonymous said...

"btw narina posted a lot recently"

May be a Potter thing.

Eden said...

"Some of these were in colour, weren't they?"

EWD posted those specific ones in black and white.