Friday, September 2, 2022

Emma Watson gives a preview of her Wonderland interview + more Prada photos


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From Emma's Instagram:

"It's so funny how resistant human beings can be to their own possibilities, and resistant if I'm being honest to their own bigness. I think I was still trying to figure out how to step away from my bigger identity and my past. And I wasn't fully ready to integrate my past, present, and future self. I was trying to keep them in three seperate boxes, and your suggestion that I make a film just percolated over time."

From Prada Beauty's Instagram:

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Anonymous said...

Hey!Do we know when th wonderland magazine is released? I'm curious about the interview.

dabo said...

"That's a wrap!!! until next time

I wonder if she wrote that because she posted the Behind the Scenes... or because THAT'S IT, literally, and she's done with the campaign.

Winter is coming, I guess, it's time to hibernate.

Anonymous said...

do you know when the wonderland mazagins will be released? thanks

Eden said...

I could have sworn I had written the date somewhere but I can't find it, sorry.

Anonymous said...

The Paris photoshoot still hasn't come out yet, so I think she's just done with the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Anonymous said...

arent all these short hair shots and the stuff with her painting on the lift what she filmed in paris studio?

Anonymous said...

Eden someone mentioned a couple of threads ago something called pottershots what's that

Eden said...

A deleted forum :(