Saturday, September 17, 2022

More photos and videos of Emma Watson at the Kering Foundation's dinner in NYC [September 15, 2022]


[Gallery] [Screencaps] [Fashion] [Version fran├žaise]

"Other guests included Andra Day, who performed after dinner; Emma Watson — who greeted Steinem enthusiastically upon arrival"

"Lydia Fenet of Christie’s led the live auction, which included [...] a couture fitting experience from Balenciaga — which was won by none other than Watson herself, for well over $100,000. Hayek and Watson stepped in occasionally to offer selfies with bidders in an effort to encourage even higher numbers, and their efforts paid off."  

I haven't found a way to embed Getty's videos, so here are the links.

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Anonymous said...

couture fitting experience

does this mean a dress fitting? sorry my English is not best not sure of this term

null said...

Those pretty feet have made an entrance after a long while. So that's great!

El Roberto said...

OMG, what a world.
she just takes this little thing off, and all 'thank you Emma, you' re the best, Emma'.
A bit bizarre to normal human beings. :-O

Anonymous said...

cute xxoxoxoxo

Emily said...

I haven't liked any of her outfits since she made a comeback at COP26 and her make up this past year has consistently aged her.

But finally! This is stunning! White has always been her color, the lace and open back are beautiful, shoes are great, thankfully she took off that blazer hiding the beauty of the dress, and the make up makes her look angelic/is closer to the make up she used to get. Accessories are on point too.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Emma