Friday, September 22, 2023

Emma Watson at Prada's dinner [September 21, 2023]

[Fashion] [Version française]

There's at least one video but I'll make a different post for all the Milan videos because I downloaded too many of them and I need to check if I downloaded the same videos several times.

Credits & Sources: PicturePub, Enhypen

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Anonymous said...

Cute xoxo

Anonymous said...

Two hot mummies 🥵 in one picture omg

Anonymous said...

16th image. Be careful Emma. The last thing we need is another knee injury🤕🤕

Anonymous said...


El Roberto said...

(sorry, button too early)
"Two hot mummies 🥵 in one picture omg"
Hahaha, you're sweeet. 😀

Anonymous said...

Why do I keep seeing this mother thing on social media? Every post about a female celebrity has comments calling them mother.

Anonymous said...

Gen z sapphics have older woman/mother kink meme its just that lol