Thursday, September 14, 2023

[UPDATE] Drew Barrymore's stalker swtiched to Emma Watson

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UPDATE: According to the Dailymail, the guy was released again because what he did "is not an eligible offense".

According to the Dailymail and other news outlets, a man has been arrested on Friday in New York City after he trespassed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard looking for Emma. According to court documents, the creep apparently said "I want to marry Emma Watson. Let me speak to Emma Watson. Let me take a photo with Emma Watson." 

The man already had a warrant against him for not showing up to get his GPS monitor (I'm guessing at his ankle) after going to Drew Barrymore's home uninvited and at a public interview she was attending days later. 

Fortunately Emma wasn't there but she's supposed to be at the Vogue event in London in a few hours and I wonder if it'll affect her appearance or not. I know I wouldn't be at peace even in a different country as long as the guy isn't behind bars for quite some time.

Also, I don't think it's a coincidence that both Emma and Drew got famous as children. Can someone keep an eye on Millie Bobby Brown when she's in NYC? I wouldn't be surprised if he switched again to another child star.

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Anonymous said...

maybe its time to stop posting about alex or her other friends and familys insta here and guessing if it shows where emma is imo as its way too easy to track emma and maybe weirdos like that can be slowed down a bit if we make it harder for them? j

ust a thought...anyway i hope emma was already in UK by time this creep tried to find her

Anonymous said...

new vogue video 😍Bag lady returned ♥️ 🙌

Anonymous said...

Disgusting poor Drew and Emma 😢 Thank goodness emma wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

These type of stalkers can be dangerous. I keep thinking of Christina Grimmie's fate, getting killed by her psychopath stalker.

Anonymous said...

woah! this is scary OMG!
TBH i see why emma tells her friends to like keep random people away from her
like in that cinema video
she really has to be very careful

Anonymous said...

I think she might avoid public appearances till this is sorted or she gets a new bodyguard she seemed to not have one for awhile now and like people can just walk up to her in street these days but normally her friends step in to make them stay back like we saw over the summer
It could be time to get a proper security detail again though

Anonymous said...

We will be silent, Okay everyone!?

Anonymous said...

Now I'm sure this would be a disconcerting reminder for Emma of the nutters out there, but at the same time please people don't fall for Daily Mail clickbait.

According to the DM headline;
Drew Barrymore's stalker is released AGAIN after he tried to break into Emma Watson's dressing room.....

Yet the article itself states;
(he) entered a room at the Brooklyn Navy Yard located at 63 Flushing Avenue around 7:40pm demanding to see the Harry Potter star in a room bustling with models and makeup artists.

And "it is unclear if Watson was in the dressing room or at the fashion show during the ambush,"

So he clearly didn't try to break into Emma's dressing room, because as we know she wasn't even at the event.

Now as I say an uncomfortable reminder for Emma, but arguably a more frightening experience for the models/make-up artists who were present in the dressing room, not knowing who this person was or what he was capable of.

Anonymous said...

I would think not going to get his tracker fitted was an "eligible offense". That's the whole point of parole, isn't it?