Thursday, October 26, 2023

New photo of Emma Watson in Forbes magazine (October 2023)

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Forbes interviewed Alex, Emma and their dad about Renais.

The one Emma quote: "To me, Renais is a family project. Not only does the Chablis region evoke cherished memories of growing up, but I also relish the opportunity to create something with my brother Alex"

Alex also talked about her: "Ems is… She’s just the best. She had so much faith in me and in this idea—which actually isn’t so easy to do."  

Check the full interview on their website.

Forgot to add you can win a bottle of their gin signed by Emma by following Laithwaites' Instagram account and following their instructions. Only for adults living in England, Scotland or Wales.

Source photos: Picturepub

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Anonymous said...

lovely x

Anonymous said...

Awwww so cute shes so gorgeous 😍 🤧 miss her

El Roberto said...

"adults leaving in England, Scotland or Wales" -> guess you meant 'living'? 🙈

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you find Alex's account on instagram

Eden said...

""adults leaving in England, Scotland or Wales" -> guess you meant 'living'? 🙈"

Oops XD Thank you :)

Lisa said...

I don’t know why exactly but I find these pictures very cringy :’)

Anonymous said...

It's that 'posed spontaneous' look, it always looks cheesy.

Anonymous said... wanted to share this news with you eden about daily fail and why its important you keep not linking to them or giving them traffic please keep avoiding any links with them thank you good work :)