Monday, April 22, 2013

New photo of Emma Watson and Derek Blasberg celebrating her birthday

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They made piñatas of themselves to celebrate Emma's 23rd birthday.



EMMA WATSON’s pals must have paid serious attention to those Blue Peter demonstrations when they were kids.

The Brit actress’s friends spent several hours creating a load of piñatas, themed on her life, for Emma’s 23rd birthday.

They knocked up 23 of the papier-maché models – one for each of her years – for the bash in New York last week.

Surprisingly for the Harry Potter star, who usually comes across as whiter than white, there were even a few naughty male body parts, in a nod to her recent film role in crime drama The Bling Ring.

A source said: “Emma was gobsmacked when she arrived at the party to see all the piñatas.

“There was everything from her as a child, and as Hermione in the Harry Potter films, to her in the Chanel [Burberry] advert a couple of years ago.

“They had even gone to the effort of stuffing a few of the piñatas with sweets and treats, so Emma could smash them open.”

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