Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Emily Drew talks about Emma Watson's workout

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Emily has been working with Emma since 2011 as her trainer and nutritionist. She talked with MoveNourishBelieve about the 30-minutes workout they use (and quickly mentions Emma too):

We do three postural correction stretches, targeting the tight postural muscles, enabling the weaker muscles to activate and strengthen correctly during the strength circuits. For example, most clients cannot tone their glute muscles as their quads and hip flexors are so tight and dominant. When we stretch these out first, the glutes can activate, not only giving you a toned butt but also having effects of decreased lower back and knee pain. 
Circuit One is always 4 exercises, repeated continuously through the rep ranges for 8 minutes. One minute break then repeat continuously through again for another 8 minutes. This is a Leg and Cardio Workout (pictured below), with the Lunges and Step Ups weighted for amazing fitness and toning results. I get my girls to do the Plie squats on their toes, which is an amazing inner thigh and calf workout and why Emma’s legs look so great in heels. 
Circuit 2 consists of two Core exercises, repeated through the rep ranges continuously for 6 minutes. I helped shape and tone Emma’s enviable abs by getting her to do a lot of stability ball exercises, with Ball Passes working her upper and lower abs and Oblique Rolls giving her tight lines and definition. 
The Stillness section is important for reducing any stress hormones in your body, bringing your mind back into balance and centering your breath back again. There are 4 elements of Stillness which include doing a yoga pose for two minutes (triangle pose after a leg workout is a personal favorite). Re-stretching, a 3-minute meditation where you sit and focus on finding the breath in your belly and an Affirmation to be repeated 20 times with belief to yourself. Emma composes her mind at the end of each workout with positive affirmations like “I am calm”, “I am strong” and “I totally and completely love and accept myself” which is so powerful.”

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