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Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [June 29 - July 5, 2015]

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  • Emma Watson spotted at Soho House in Istanbul in June

Emma spent 3 days in Istanbul at the end of June. We finally have one person saying he saw her. (Though he really doesn't say much about it).
[...] I find the elegant tribe in residence at Istanbul's new Soho House. 
Stepping from the black Mercedes-Benz S600 in navy Incotex shorts, black Ferragamo loafers and timber-armed Cartier Santos shades, I place my woven-straw Lanvin fedora atop my head. Affecting a laboured, sweeping gaze, I fancy myself a modern-day Graham Greene protagonist – minus any literary value, presence or feasibility. Ascending the marble steps, I pass Emma Watson and feign magnificent indifference.

  • Emma among the Independent's "Women’s Hour Power" list

BBC Woman's hour power list: Some of the names left me baffled, so here is an alternative list. 
Emma Watson
If you’re as wealthy and famous as Emma Watson, you might not feel the need to get involved in social justice issues. Last year, however, Watson delivered a seminal speech as co-host for a special event for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, and her work with HeForShe has been referred to as opening the door to a new way of thinking about gender inequality.

  • Emma among the Dailymail's "Britain's best celebrity tweeters"

Emma Watson @EmWatson
Twitter bio Hermione’s all grown up: ‘British actress, goodwill ambassador for UN Women’
Followers 18.2 million Following 145
Follow for Championing women’s rights with her #HeForShe UN campaign, no-nonsense, rumour-bashing updates on pet projects and occasional Hermione Granger tweets to keep fans happy.
Classic tweet ‘People chatting loudly in the cinema. If you don’t stop soon I will start pelting you with Maltesers.’

  • Emma as Jane Tennison?

ITV has announced plans for Tennison, a Prime Suspect prequel from writer Lynda La Plante that will follow the young Jane Tennison in Hackney in the 1970s. But who should be the star? 
ITV has confirmed new commission Tennison, a six-part prequel to Prime Suspect, set in the 1970s. The series will follow a 22-year-old Jane Tennison as a probationary officer in Hackney, where she will deal with London’s shadiest gangland villains and a sexist force struggling to integrate female officers.  
Emma Watson
She might be too busy in Hollywood to pop back to Britain for an ITV drama, but Watson would be an expert at channelling Tennison’s trademark mix of professional steeliness and personal wreckage. Plus, she shares a name with the most famous detective sidekick of all time, which has to count for something. Right? Right.
The Guardian suggested 4 other names. FULL LIST.

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